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Cold drawn flat bar/square bar
Cold drawn hexagonal bar
Hot rolled flat bar/square bar
Spring steel flat bar
Stainless Steel
Other section steel

 Suzhou Baoxing Gold Steel





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A professional steel supplier

    Suzhou Baoxing Gold Steel/Suzhou Baoxing Gold Trading Co., Ltd. has been establishing good cooperation with customers. With the concept of "honesty is gold" and "win-win cooperation", the company has been developing and growing. To develop today depends on the understanding and strong support of customers. We will try our best to satisfy all kinds of products our customers need.Companies,We have more than 10 years of import and export experience,focusing on the production, processing, export and trade of special steel, profiles, steel tubes and special-shaped materials. The company strictly controls the straightness, tolerance, packaging, surface and other requirements for import and export products.

Our company specializes in alloy steel (including Cr, Mo, V, B, Ni and other alloy steels).
Spring steel (spring flat steel, spring round steel, spring steel wire) series;
Hot rolled steel (hot rolled special-shaped steel, hot rolled flat steel, hot rolled square steel, hot rolled coil, hot rolled steel plate, section steel) and other hot processing;
Cold drawn steel (cold drawn special-shaped steel, cold drawn round steel, cold drawn flat steel, cold drawn square steel, cold drawn hexagonal bar) and so on (cold rolled steel, cold drawn steel) processing;
Seamless steel pipe and welded pipe, such as steel pipe (hot rolled steel tube, cold drawn steel pipe).
Stainless steel (stainless steel round steel, stainless steel flat steel, stainless steel special-shaped steel, stainless steel angle steel, stainless steel plate, stainless steel coil)
And other special steel and its corresponding profiles, forging steel, to ensure that the supply of goods and high-quality professional services and win customer trust.
They are mainly exported to Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian and South African countries.
Our philosophy is "Honesty is gold, win-win cooperation!"
Warmly welcome all the new and old customers to visit our company for guidance, negotiation and cooperation.

I hope you will support us more, and also hope for long-term, friendly cooperation.

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